Who We Be

Photo: @Edo_Photo

In early 2010, I spent a lot of time in cafe’s and coffee shops. Not because I loved coffee that much, I did. I used them as satellite offices all across the city. I would travel throughout Manhattan and select the first shop I would find and spend hours writing, drawing, and designing projects for my clients.

Over time I had been to dozens of shops and intimately knew information and stats about each one: what was the wifi password? did you have to buy something to get access? how many outlets did the store have? How clean was the bathroom? I was a living database for the best coffee shops to work out of in the borough of Manhattan.

At this point all my friends would ask me or be referred to me for advice on where to work depending on where there were. As you can guess, this got annoying but it also created a great idea. Why not build an app that does all this? This is why the name Cubichino was created. It is the combination of cubicle and cappuccino. Office and coffee. The ultimate productivity combination.

With all of this taking place in the early 2010s, my lack of programming skills, or my lack of knowing anyone who knew how to make apps, this idea went from red hot to luke warm quickly. But I held onto the name all these years. When I decided to create a home goods line based around my artwork it felt like an obvious choice to use Cubichino as the name.

Office and coffee still go hand in hand and are joined by a third hand which is my artwork. This makes a triangle and we all love triangles, they are the foundation of everything, and the cornerstone of creativity. 

Cubichino represents a caffeinated cubicle where the digital and physical worlds merge in a creative exploration of artistic home goods. It's a curated collection of digital products, all crafted by the Digital Mercenary, Pope Phoenix. You can see my portfolio at www.popephoenix.com